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Cuckoo… is coming to Cologne and Munich Germany, from July26 th until middle of September 2007


Meeting Cuckoo… with a lot of fun, laughter and insides ...


Many of you who know Cuckoo, we would like to let you know , that we can meet him in Cologne, and probably in Munich, this July and August. For those who don’t know him – he is author of many books and famous for his acupuncture and herbs. He learned acupuncture from Hwang Min- Der, who was appointed personal doctor to Tschiang-Kai Shek, founder of Taiwan. Cuckoo is running a clinic in Goa India every year.

Cuckoo is known and loved as a crazy Zen Master who is focusing on the mutual effects between human body, heart and mind.


Cuckoo’s main concern is to bring us a deeper understanding about ourselves. A meeting with him is an extraordinary opportunity to understand our mind and body from a holistic point of view. Cuckoo is interested to help us understand about the roots of imbalances in our system and the influence of mind patterns to our body and well being. By understanding the patterns we can adjust and help ourselves to come back to a natural flow.


The acupuncture group will take place in a protected surrounding. Cuckoo is locating the specific points quickly and exact, meeting us with remarkable love and understanding. A guided deep relaxation (easy breathing technique) will guide through the process. The participants will have the chance to leave freshly and with a new inspired understanding of body, heart and mind.


As part of the holistic process, Cuckoo uses his famous Zen stories, his humour and parables to help us understand and solve many situations in which we entangle in daily life. He is helping to trace back to the roots of the trouble or pain. Whichever might be our concern –we could leave with a fresh perspective on our body or individual situation, perhaps with new insight into our daily life…


More information about Cuckoo and his world tour 2007 at: (Sorry, just a little patience…. we are working on it)


We are working on the schedule for Munich, this will create a little change for Cologne for one or two weeks….


Schedule for Cuckoos stay in Cologne







26 thJuly,

2 thAug.

9 thAug.

16 thAug.

23 thAug.

30 thAug.

6 th Sep.


27 th July

3 thAug.

10 thAug.

17 thAug.

24 thAug.

31 thAug.

7 th Sep.


28 thJuly

4 thAug.

11 thAug.

18 th Aug.

25 th Aug.

1 thSep.

8 th Sep.


29 thJuly

5 thAug.

12 thAug.

19 thAug.

26 th Aug.

2 thSep.

9 th Sep.

7 pm – 9.30 pm Acupuncture

7 pm – 9.30 pm Acupuncture


4 pm – 6.30 pm Acupuncture

4 pm – 6.30 pm Acupuncture

Place COLOGNE : Max Wolter and Keli tel: 0049 221 388448, Rolandstrasse 63 (backyard), 50677 Köln, Germany (400 m southwest of Tram stop Chlodwigplatz)


Zen Meeting *:(no charge- we will announce the dates later) A one hour introduction about the mutual effects between body, heart and mind. Cuckoos concern is to make us understand the human mind and its effects on the body system. There is always a space for questions concerning yourself. We will have the opportunity to learn a very special Meridian exercise which everybody can train for him- or herself. The Meridian exercise can help to stimulate and activate organs. This meeting and training is free of charge, everybody is welcome.


Acupuncture group : (Please bring a blanket) After talking to Cuckoo about your body and life situation, you have got the chance to see from the point of traditional Chinese understanding. It is about finding the roots of trouble and adjusting your life patterns accordingly. It follows an acupuncture session in a relaxing and protected surrounding. The group lasts approx. 2 ½ hrs. Charge: Euro 50,-; cupping 5,- Euro. Chinese herbs separately and individually. (Further information Page 2)


Individual session : You can also book an individual and private 2 hrs. session with Cuckoo. (Charge: Euro 120,-). These meetings have to be arranged before. Individual Sessions by appointment.

Inyen ( Kirsten Otto) ph.:. +49 221 99 765 74

mobil: +49 170 126 162 0


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