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Zhang-Dong Tee Schachtel

Zhang-Dong Tea
natural Detox & body cleansing

fight chronical desease overnight by cleansing your body!

The Nr.1 in Asia!

Only from LivingZen!

Helps to a nice and easy bowel movement in just one night!

Effect is guaranteed!

100% natural product

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Active Calcium++
the basic module of our bodies

no more:

  • Hip-, Knee, backpain
  • bad Teeth
  • Athritis
  • Athrosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood pressure
  • weak kidneys

Effective build-up of bones, joints and kidney function!

100 x more effective than standard Calcium!

100% natural product

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Shen-Cao Ad

Shen-Cao Capsules
Antibiotic, Liver & Lung protection

Why take chemical Antibiotics if there is a natural alternative?

+ smoker protection
+ Lungen protection
+ Liver regeneration
+ Detox

100% natural product


ABC-Pan LogoCordyceps-PillenCordyceps
Support of your hormonal balance and sexual energy

no more tiredness!

100% natural product



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